Forum Title: Flaw in new Brick Moulding for Exterior Door
I just had new brick moulding put in and noticed there is a gap in the upper right hand corner of the mitered joint. The gap, or hole, is about 1/4, the width of the brick moulding is the typical 2. Can that gap be fixed? The moulding will be painted. It is an exterior door, and the moulding is pine.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WALTER HILL (Orange, CA), 01/28/2019

Welcome to the forums! Regarding the strike plate, I suggest using the larger T strike. Drill out the existing holes to 1/4 or 3/8, then glue in a piece of dowel rod to fill the hole. Once it's dry, you can drill new holes for the screws at wider spacing. For the undersize door, best bet would probably be to remove the door, and add a full size filler to the hinge side jamb. You will have to remove the stop, fill in the old hinge mortises and then attach the full size filler. Then reattach the stop. A local lumber yard can machine a filler piece of the correct size and thickness out of appropriate wood if you don't have the necessary means to DIY. Of course, you will have to machine new mortises in the filler for the hinges. The other option would be to replace the door with one of proper size. You could also put the filler on the latch side....I guess that would solve the strike problem at the same time.

- VINCENT WATKINS (Haverhill, MA), 02/12/2019

I didn't notice the hole until a day after the contractor left. I did see he ran a saw across the top of the door, but didn't give it much thought. Not real happy he left that as he did. He should take it apart and replace it.

- IAN GRIFFITH (Vacaville, CA), 02/20/2019

He cut his angle too short hoping to get by. Have him replace it.

- LOIS POWELL (Elizabeth, NJ), 03/05/2019

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