Forum Title: Full window replacement in bathroom rip-out, how should I proceed?
Hi all. I am about to begin a full bathroom rip-out (posted up the project just before awaiting approval). First thing I think I should do is replace the window. Since I am doing a full rip out I have the luxury of accessing the window frame completely. See photo. My question is, should I pull off the mouldings and some sheetrock around the window to check out the situation? So if the window frame has some rot just go full replacement, or if not consider a good pocket replacement? I really want to do a full window replacement, but not sure how this will affect my outside materials: large asbestos shingles. Will I need to cut back shingles? Would really appreciate some thoughts on how to get this job going!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SANDRA MOORE (Naperville, IL), 01/03/2019

Is the glazing compound old? Is the sash clean? I like to roll up the glazing before pressing it onto the sash. Depending on the brand of glazing compound it's sometimes beneficial to add a fit drops of thinner to the glazing and mix it in.

- SHAWN SULLIVAN (Worcester, MA), 03/01/2019

Welcome to the forums! With the type trim on the exterior you can go with a new flange window. Remove the storm, and side and top molding. Leave the sill.....ouch, I just saw the dent. Remove the sill nosing. Then you can cut the window from the opening using a recriprocating saw around the perimeter to get to the nails/screws holding it in. A flange window (new construction) will have a flange on all 4 sides. Take a utility knife, score the bottom flange and remove it. Then you can install the window using your original framing. Be sure to measure from the rough opening, not the window frame as it will all come out.

- BETTY THOMAS (San Antonio, TX), 02/15/2019

Is it possible to measure before cutting so that I can pre-order the window?

- TERRY KLEIN (Racine, WI), 02/16/2019

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