Forum Title: Installing windows - suction cups?
I have 7 windows to install - and I never intend to do this again! I've been looking at the cheap ($~16.00) double 4 suction cup models, they claim to hold 100 lbs / suction cup. I'd probably buy two. I've also seen the more expensive vacuum style with a button to create a vacuum, but they start at $59.00 and I'd need two. For the lower windows (3' x 2') I could probably get away with a cheap Home Depot style single-suction cup unit for the low price of $9.00, as I'd only use it to rotate the window after fastening one of the window flanges in. The two upper windows are larger, however, with a final size of 4'x4'. All windows will be installed from a platform - aluminum pump jacks. Are the suction cups necessary? They look useful, but I've never done this before. The reviews are scattered online on these things, and I don't want to drop a window. I know the lower windows can be installed without suction cups. Thanks! John
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: TIFFANY WILLIS (Trenton, NJ), 01/30/2019

A 6'8 door is about 83 1/4 when measured from the bottom of the sill nose to the top of the 2 brickmould. A 7' door will be 4 taller than that, so it would not fit.

- GLEN ALVARADO (Champaign, IL), 02/28/2019

Do the windows open, or are they fixed pane? Why not install the windows from the inside? You will have help, I am sure. I would never install windows without help, even if just to ensure plumb and level and spacing within the RO. I never miss the opportunity to install the windows from the inside if possible.

- THOMAS WILSON (Warwick, RI), 02/16/2019

All of the windows open - the smaller windows are awning, the larger are two mulled casement windows (2'x4'). This is new construction, the windows have a window flange. No j-channel. Now - when you say install from the inside - would I have to use masonry brackets? Or would I remove the window from the frame? I will have help. Thanks!

- BRENT CALDWELL (Mountain View, CA), 02/03/2019

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