Forum Title: Q's: Precautions for fiberglass entry door vs the sun
We live in NY, and replacing a west-facing old steel entry door that gets afternoon sun. Shopping for a fiberglass door. Aware of concerns regarding fiberglass doors that get sun exposure, therefore will buy a good quality door (Therma-Tru or similar) and will be painted white or light gray. Will go with no storm door initially to avoid trapping heat and the problems pushing the door closed against air trapped between. No storm door will also provide easier access/egress. If we eventually get a storm door, it will be a roll-up screen model and kept vented except in winter. Will also get low-E glass, or apply reflective film. The sales guy at the big box store strongly insisted no fiberglass door for any sun exposure, due to heat/warping. Explained the above precautions planned, but he remained adamant that we should not get fiberglass. So now ask DIY experts -am I correct to think this sales guy is way to extreme in his thinking, and that the planned precautions will protect our new fiberglass door from warping? Thanks for your time
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WENDY VARGAS (Arlington, VA), 01/11/2019

That sounds correct, but you would want to remove interior trim and check the rough opening in a few spots. (Or pop off exterior trim if you have any) If your new window fin sits inside the edges of the stucco you should be able to fill the void with trim, seal edges with a good polyurethane caulk. (Don't know if you have table saw etc to do that) You could clad with aluminum trim coil if you want. (Would probably need to hire it done if you don't have access to a brake) If you know a good stucco guy that's an option but really that's only necessary if you want your window trim to be one standard size on the entire house... or if you don't want trim at all. So I guess if you want to try to do it all yourself, I would say filling in with exterior trim, caulking and painting would be your best option. Stucco guys don't always get the texture right, and really, they should carefully hammer a larger perimeter (rough random edge) out around their patch... while preserving the paper and wire lath, and add new paper and wire lath as needed. The you'd need to caulk the repaired stucco to the window after it has had time to cure.

- NELSON MARQUEZ (Burbank, CA), 02/02/2019

Your response appears to confirm that a good quality, vented fiberglass door painted white or another light color should be OK with some late day sun exposure in NY. A stained medium or dark fiberglass door behind a full glass unvented storm door and exposed to the sun is asking for trouble. Unless anyone argues otherwise, consider the plan for our fiberglass door to have low risk of resulting in sun damage. THX

- HILDA GRIFFITH (San Ramon, CA), 02/08/2019

Make sure you order it storm door ready so that the stiles/mullions, if sidelights are built up to allow for the installation of a storm door. Having lived in both Upstate New York and Southeast Virginia. Upstate never approaches the heat extremes that we face down in Virginia. Keep the color scheme light, ThermaTru is an excellent door. I have never had problems down here with that brand.

- Michael Jordan (Chicago, IL), 02/12/2019

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