Forum Title: Replacing rollers for old patio sliding door
I have an old patio door that was very hard to move. Just took the door out and found the rollers on the underside to be damaged. I was hoping this would be a quick replacement, but I can't seem to find the style of roller assembly of my doors anywhere. Unfortunately there is no branding on the door, frame, or roller assembly. I've attached a picture of the roller assemblies and was hoping maybe someone had seen this style before and either knows a manufacturer or if there's a specific term for this style to aid in my search. Thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JESSICA LEWIS (Jacksonville, FL), 01/17/2019

You have a removable stop on either the inside or outside... can't tell which from those pics.. (no inside pic). Generally if you can see which side the glass is stuck to, it's the opposite side that is removable. Most often on residential, it's stuck to the outside and the inside stop comes off. Commercial glass is just the opposite. On aluminum windows, those stops snap on and are often difficult to remove. You have to start tapping on the edge of the stop with a sharp chisel or stiff putty knife, and be careful not to scratch the paint. Usually it's a matter of pushing in on the edge of the stop that snaps in and tapping on it until it starts to separate... then you run a thin putty knife behind it and carefully start prying it out. But you don't want to bend it or you're screwed.

- CARRIE LAWSON (New Haven, CT), 02/10/2019

Look up SWISCO.COM. They might be able to help you.

- ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (Bradenton, FL), 03/07/2019

Thanks for the responses. They were on a vinyl door. The people from found a replacement Tandem Patio Sliding glass door roller. It looks like they're called tank rollers if anyone else stumbles upon this post with a similar issue.

- ANITA MENDEZ (Santa Cruz, CA), 03/05/2019

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