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Hi I need advice. I have a motor operated velux window and exterior blind which will not work. I can open the window manually. The window stopped first and then after some months the blind . Have following info: Window no. GGL 304 3076 - Window size 78cm x 98cm - FB 05 AE 05 S Window was installed by previous owner around, I guess 2003/2004 . Velux's golden no. plate indicates roof Windows delivered from 01 April 1991 to 01 April 2001 . Motor no WMG 500 01 - ?E09B 24V (can't read the ?) Velux WLI 130 Wall switch Velux WLC 100 control unit . I've guessed that this is the unit from motor and wall switch types . I can't find it . Previous owner converted loft into mezzanine . Walls boarded and plastered .I assume the unit must be somewhere behind the plaster board. Contacted Velux France and told window too old to pair as spare parts are not available . True in France but they are available in the UK, Germany and the USA. Managed to get a Velux guy to come and look; said, after v quick look, too old and motor not working. Not obvious how he tested the motor . Only interested in installing a new window at a cost of thousands of euros. NO REMOTE CONTROL . Window and blind operated from wall switch . At the moment the lights/indicaters do not light up when pressed + no click sound . Assume either no power to wall switch or wall switch broken. I've opened it, connections look good and no obvious damage . From reading online posts and I guess that the most likely cause is the control unit. Seems unlikely that the motor, control unit and wall switch are all broken. However, before I start removing plaster boards I'd like to check that 1) The wall switch is OK , 2) There's not a break in the circuit, 3) The motor is OK. 1) Don't know how to test the wall switch, wonder if I'm more likely to fry a transistor . Thinking of disconecting it and testing the voltage drop, Volts ?, across connections to (I assume) the controller) ? ie, see if there is any power to the switch . 3) Test Motor; Again not sure how to do this . Read something about a test button ? Test voltage from controller ? 2) Can I test the circuit before I start digging for the controller ? Don't have a plan of total circuit: power/controller/motor/blind & window ? Sorry about the long post. Thanks in advance.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MARIA DAVIS (Fayetteville, AR), 01/05/2019

But then it won't be a storm door. Do you have pictures of this entrance showing the sidewalk?

- ANTHONY LEE (Peoria, AZ), 02/25/2019

Hi, Thanks for advice. I'll get a 'tester' of the type you suggest . Local DIY is quite good and will know of this type but maybe a different make. My gut feeling was lack of power and as you say controller or power supply. I'm almost certain that he buried the control in the wall or ceiling . Over the years his plumbing, electrical and roof DIY work have caused me many headaches : almost every joint leaked, roof beams to small and to few to support roof, fire burnt out main power supply. And plugging in kettle (boils water) for first cup of tea in house got sizeable electrical shock . Over the years I've got to know his mindset : he'd have installed the window before boarding not giving a thought that it might be necessary to gain access at a later date . + 'Hiding the misery' is a French art . Again thanks.

- NAOMI BLAIR (Davis, CA), 02/02/2019

Still looking for control box

- ANDREW KING (St. George, UT), 02/01/2019

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